Club de Honor


Each month, each teacher selects a few students who excel in the area highlighted for the month.  Each child gets their picture put on the “Honor Club” board for the rest of the month, and is celebrated in a short ceremony with the rest of The Center.  We started in June, and it’s been a great way to encourage and incentivize the students to work hard.  Their faces light up when they are called out from among all their classmates



IMG_1444Kinder: Job, Jhunel, Miguel
1st: Cristian
2nd: Belén, Beatriz, Irineo
3rd: Rodrigo, Adalberto
4th: Jose Andres, Rodrigo
5th: Noelia, Denilson, Jairo
6th: Valentina, Marilin, Jhener



IMG_2119Kinder: Samuel, Jhunel
1st: Moisés, Marcelo
2nd: Beatriz, Daniel
3rd: Ainhoa, Oriana
4th: Veronica, Gabriel
5th: Ruddy, Lourdes
6th: Oliver, Elisa





Kinder: Sophie, Cinthia
1st: Micaela
2nd: Juan, Aissa
3rd: Jaime, Neyton
4th: Francisco, Jose Luis
5th: Franklin, Madaí
6th: Paco, Maribel